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Manappuram Finance Ltd

No 2893, Penington Road, Manambuchavadi, Thanjavur - 613001.


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Founded in 1949, Manappuram Finance Ltd in Thanjavur is one among the most recognised names in the non-banking finance sectors. The brand has made its mark in the gold loan sector. The company began its business with pawn broking and money lending which was carried out on a fairly modest scale. In 1986, the company was taken over by Shri. V. P. Nandakumar who is the current Managing Director and CEO. From then on the company has witnessed immense growth and has crossed many milestones. It currently has over 19,000 employees working for them. It was the first ever non-financial company to receive a Certificate of Registration issued by the RBI. Even with reference to the technology adopted, the brand was the first to opt for the "core banking" platform. Regardless of one's economic status, the company looks to deliver convenience and prompt service. It is held in high regard by many for the level of transparency it maintains. This establishment is strategically located at Penington Road, Penington Road.



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